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June 15, 2016

Top tips to consider when looking for a magician for hire

Looking for a magician for hire? We're big fans of close up magic at weddings and parties, it's such a great way to break the ice and is perfect for entertaining guests while their having reception drinks. Finding the right magician can be difficult so we asked one of the UK's top magicians, Chris Peskett, what his top tips to consider are when looking for a magician for hire.

Chris' five top tips:

So what do I think you should look for when looking to book a magician for your wedding or party?

1: Photos of the magician in action. This is a bare minimum. Not just one or two, but a boat load – and at different venues with plenty of different guests! Can you see the spectator/audience and the magician in the same shot and what does this tell you? Are they having a good time?

2: Videos of the magician in action. Magic is a visual medium and magicians should be able to show you what they're all about. If you can see the magician’s audience having a great time and being totally gobsmacked (for all the right reasons!) then you should consider hiring.

3: Great, impartial reviews. When hiring a magician, word of mouth is a powerful tool, so make sure you spend time reading their reviews. I use a third party web site called FreeIndex so that customers can review my service after the party. It normally takes 10 minutes to fill out (which in this modern age may be construed as 9 minutes too long!) so you can be sure that the feedback was worth their time!

4: Do they fit the bill? Magic has come along way recently and there's loads of different types of magicians out there. Whether you're after a traditional magician or something more sophisticated for your wedding day, as long as you've done your photo and video research as above, you'll be sure pick the right magician to suit your event.

5: Price! There's a business philosophy along the lines of "It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little". Quality acts are not cheap, by going with the cheapest quote, the chances are you're likely to be disappointed unless you've seen them before. Professional close up magicians worth their salt are charging upwards of £350 for a session (1-2 hours), with factors such as time of year and travel increasing this price. Keep that in mind when searching.

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