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December 3, 2016

Photo Booth Hire Guide

Thinking of booking a photo booth for your event? We’re here to give you the whole picture… excuse the pun. Choosing the right photo booth and hire company for your event can be difficult, the last thing you want is the darn thing packing up halfway through your event. Photo booths have come along way over the last few years, and with a photo booth style and design to suit almost every theme, the popularity of the digital photo booth is rocketing.

Types of Photo Booths for hire


When you think of a photo booth you probably picture the traditional booth. At the very top of the price range, these big booths pack the wow factor and are available in a whole host of designs such as vintage, retro and modern. Many of these photo booths for hire have a seat or bench made to comfortably fit two to three people on, but after a few drinks you'll easily fit four or five. Most of today’s machines have been fitted with the latest digital technology but for those wanting the old school ink processing machines, there are still some available in the UK. The only downside to the traditional booth is their weight and size, making them a little tricky to transport up flights of stairs.


This refers to any photo booth for hire that is a “column-like” structure. The advantage of the Kiosk is the amount of people you can fit in the pictures. Most are setup with an easy to use touch screen interface allowing even the drunkest of guests to take a mug shot. The Magic Mirror booths are proving to be the most popular kiosk this year. They come in various shapes and sizes, feature giant touch screen reflective mirrors and allow guests to Customise photos using the on screen paint pad and get them printed in less than 10 seconds! The kiosk style booths for hire are transportable, stylish and affordable.


This refers to any photo booth hire setup where a photographer uses their camera to take the pictures while guests pose for them. This can be done in both an open and enclosed setup, often with various backdrops or partitions. Many photographers that offer this service do not include the cost of prints or limit the number of shots. With this type of photo booth you will receive your images after the event unlike the instant print outs available with the traditional and kiosk style photo booths so do bear this in mind when considering what type of impact you want your photo booth to have at your event.


The novelty category is where you find the latest crazes and designs in photo booth rental from leading booth manufacturers as well as the DIY makers. From converted caravans to London telephone boxes, no matter how wacky the idea, someone out there has made it. This can be a really great way to really wow your guests and enhance the theme or vision you are creating for your day. The only risk with the homemade, novelty booths is the quality and reliability of them so please be sure to read as many reviews as you can.

Things to consider

Delivery and collection

For most large events your photo booth will need to be delivered well in advance of your event (you don’t really want your guest parting way for it to be put into position!) and similarly it’s best to have your photo booth collected the next day. Make sure you check with your supplier if this is an extra charge and that your quote includes this service before booking, so there are no surprises when it comes to paying your bill!
Digital copies
For traditional and kiosk style photo booths, where pictures are printed instantly, you may want to check with your supplier if they offer digital copies of the images and if these are included in your booking package.


As with most things, the type of photo booth you choose to hire may be dictated by price alone, it is always worth considering what you truly want to get out of your hire, is it that you want the photo booth to be easy, simple and fun, or do you want it to make a big statement and really set off your theme. It might be you don’t need to stretch your budget to get what you actually want or that it is worth stretching the budget for your photo booth and reining in elsewhere.

Our top five Photo Booth company pics

1. BlushBooth
Blushbooth are a modern, well organised company with a killer website offering heaps of information and pictures of their products and services. Not only do they have a great range of awesome booths but they also offer custom made backdrops/booths so your booth can be totally unique to your event.

2. Snaptcha
Snaptcha are a fantastic company offering a whole host of awesome booths for rent. Snaptcha are a company that always go that extra mile, quite literally, as they offer a superb UK wide service and have a huge portfolio of satisfied customers.

3. Pictureblast
Pictureblast is another superb photo booth hire company with heaps of helpful information, a huge gallery, loads of great testimonials and a great team. With eight years of professional photo booth rental under their belts, your sure to be in good hands with Pictureblast.

4. Photohaus
Photohaus photo booths have a super sleek website, a good range of beautiful looking booths, lots of amazing reviews and some very competitive deals.

5. Photo Booth directory
Last, but by no means least is A fantastic photo booth directory that showcases some of the best photo booth companies in the UK. You simply fill out the “get a quote” form on the site and they too all the hard work for you, ensuring you get the best photo booth company to suit your event and for the best price.



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