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May 9, 2017

5 guaranteed ways to entertain children at your event

5 guaranteed ways to entertain children at your event

There is nothing more distracting and draining than having a bunch of bored kids at your wedding or party. Many people opt for an adult only night which is an option, but with our 5 entertainment ideas for small budgets, you won't have to! And trust us nothing will make your guests more happy than seeing their kids having a good time. We believe a must is to have games and entertainment that suits all children from ages 2-10 in one area of the venue, that way you only need one or two people managing them and hunting down the escapees haha just kidding, but seriously you don't want them all running around like chickens. Depending on how many children you expect to have, choose a corner of your venue that is away from any doors and busy traffic areas and cover the floor with blankets and cheap cushions for the children to sit on, this will work indoors and outdoors.

1. Welcome Goody Bags

Fill up a goody bag with age-appropriate treats. This might include, sweets, snacks, juice cartons, little puzzles and toys. These don't have to cost a bomb and can be picked up at most pound shops.

2. Good old crayons and paper

This is an obvious choice but really works… well for about 30 minutes that is, you can pick up colouring books and crayons for next to nothing from shops like pound stretches etc

3. A box of children's books

For this to work you're going to need a lot of children's books for all ages, if you don't have many yourself you can always pick a load up from your local charity shop for under £10 or ask the parents attending to bring some along.

4. Dressing up box

Who doesn't like dressing up? If you don't have a dressing up box at home, why not make a trip to the local charity shop and even ask your guests to bring their children's old clothes, hats, glasses etc to include. Place a mirror on the wall and they'll be admiring themselves in your old jewellery and scarves for hours. A good idea also is to have a few disposal cameras available for the kids to take snaps of each other.

5. A TV and cartoons

It's always a good idea to set up a small TV and DVD player with some cartoons playing at a low volume.

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